When you think about food, you think about something being “nutritious”. You have probably heard of N2O as well, but maybe not. What exactly is N2O? Is it a food, or is it a fuel? Let’s find out!

N2O is the industrial grade form of Nitrous oxide. The difference is that a whipped cream charger is a pressurized container of nitrogen (often nitrogen gas) and a soda charger is an electrical canister of nitrogen (often nitrogen gas). It’s the difference between N2O and N2S that gives them both different uses. N2O is generally less expensive than N2S, but the price difference between N2O and N2S is so vast that it really depends on which you’re going to use.


N2O can be used just like soda chargers with your juicer. It will produce fizzy drinks at a fraction of the cost, and when mixed with water, or even juice, it can be a healthy alternative to fruit juices. N2O may cause some people to ask if it’s alright to put it in their bodies. The reason is that it can potentially cause carbon dioxide poisoning.

N2O dispensers are often seen in restaurants, cafes, bars, and pool halls. In these places it is common for customers to want a” whipping cream” or “soda charger” without having to ask what those things are. If this is your establishment, you should definitely check out a N2O dispenser that includes a nitrogen source. These models can either be manual or powered by an electric motor, and can whip up gallons of nitrous oxide in a matter of seconds.

There are many other types of N2O dispensers that also include a whipped cream source. For example, some models have a bottle on the side that offers the option of a bottle of N2O. As the bottle turns on, the nitrogen oxide is forced through the nozzle where it starts to whip into the whipped cream. If you’re keeping the nitrogen oxide in the cylinder instead of liquid, you may cause some health issues, such as dizziness or even an asthma attack, because some of the ingredients that go into N2O, like monoxide, can be very dangerous.

N2O cartridges that are used with this type of dispenser are a very different thing altogether. The cartridges themselves produce carbon dioxide instead of nitrogen oxide and produce the fizzy drink from a different kind of fuel. The active ingredient in these cartridges is propane, and when activated by the cold temperature of the cold cream charger, the bubbles that result form the whipped cream. This means that the fizzy drink isn’t being produced straight out of the bottle, but is being produced as bubbles are released through the charger and into the air. So, it is totally safe to drink N2O using a charger that includes a charger for the nitrous oxide.

There are a few different options of soda chargers that work well with N2O, as well. For example, some types of soft drink manufacturers include a small compressor that is included along with the bottle in cases that do not already come with nitrous oxide cartridges. The problem with co2 cream chargers is that they can get very hot, causing some of the carbon dioxide to escape into the air. Some manufacturers include a second, separate co2 tank with their cartridges that can handle the heat of the charger without getting extremely hot.

The final option that is available for a high pressure whipped cream dispenser is to use an electric cordless tool with a built in battery. Electric cordless tools offer more convenience than the manual counterparts, because they don’t require you to manually activate your co2 cartridges. They also use energy more efficiently than a manual pump, so you save money. One important note – make sure that your electric cordless tool comes with a high pressure setting that matches the strength of your nitrous oxide cartridge!