Many people may not realize it, but the JVC DLA-N5 is the perfect home theater for anyone who wants to create a true home cinema experience. It is an affordable model that provides great picture quality, especially when used with proper home theater accessories. When shopping for home theater monitors, there are a few factors to consider when comparing features and prices. One of the most important things to look for when comparing options is to find the best combination of high definition (HD), high resolution (HR) and LCD screen size. All of the new DLA-N5 models feature the latest in technology for high-definition video, which includes a pixel engine that produces amazingly clear pictures even at larger sizes.

One of the first features found on many JVC DLA-N5 models is its advanced image processing processor. Image processing processors are responsible for high definition video processing and digital signal processing. Many of the latest and best D LA-N5 models also include a super fine notch filter, which eliminates unwanted super fine lines and helps to produce brighter images. The DLA-N5 is also equipped with a frame adapter system that allows the projector to use either silver or black film for the cathode ray tube screen.

Another great aspect to the DLA-N5’s theater performance is that it has a built in frame adapt our technology that allows the projector to operate even in a non-native frame. This feature is referred to as the low-latency mode. With the low-latency mode, the projector is able to operate in the native frame rate without any loss of quality. This gives you, the consumer, the ultimate in home theater video and audio quality.

Another great feature of the JVC DLA-N5 is its Auto Focus screen technology. Auto focus screens eliminate the need for focusing the camera manually, which reduces operator stress and ensures that all images are in focus and perfectly placed on to the screen. The auto focus system includes an extremely fast response time, which is key to providing a sharp and clean picture in a dark room. One of the most important benefits to the auto-focus screen is the fact that it eliminates the problem of room darkening. Room darkening caused by poor lighting conditions can be a huge issue when using projection technology. Most projectors suffer from a phenomenon where their pictures are magnified several times their actual size due to the darkening effect caused by the surrounding room.

High Definition Digital Video Recorder or HDTV Recorders are great for professional movie and television production. The JVC DLA-N5 is designed to output high definition broadcast quality images at standard definition. Because it utilizes an industry standard DC linear process, there is a superior clarity when converting the signals, resulting in superior picture quality. Standard definition TV broadcasts are broadcasted in the digital format, which makes them easier to compress than the analog signals. Standard definition TV broadcasts are superior to HDTV (high definition television) because they offer a wider, smoother picture with better color accuracy and less distortion.

The JVC DLA-N5 is available in a variety of specifications to meet the needs of any professional or consumer grade project. For consumers, the latest features such as Auto Focus, High Definition Auto Lighting, and Automatic Color Conversion are extremely useful. The advanced Digital Light Processing System and the High Definition Audio Conversion feature produce crystal clear sound output, especially when shooting in a dimly lit location such as on the set or location for a home movie.