When you’re looking for a free website traffic generator, how many of them do you see listed under Click Here? When there is so much information on the internet, why is it still so popular to see “click here” links as the primary method of attracting visitors to your site?

Why do content strategists still get a copy from editors who are riddled with proven mistakes and content mistakes? This question remains unanswered. I’ve researched this topic extensively over the past few years, and there just aren’t any good solutions for it yet, either.

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The problem lies with many of the newer content and traffic generation strategies that are out on the market today. They aren’t necessarily bad ideas, but they have some serious flaws in them. That’s why you need to be very careful about choosing a new traffic generation technique – even if it sounds like it would work.

For example, one of the traffic generation techniques that I recently tried to implement was to post a link to my own page on several article directories. My first attempt was to post one link on about ten articles, and then use those ten articles to promote my own site. I put a lot of effort into that campaign, and it seemed like it would be effective, because I already had several backlinks pointing back to my own site.

However, one of the things I realized is that not only were the articles themselves filled with links to other sites, but most of the articles were from article directories that contain thousands of articles that aren’t that valuable. Even worse, I found several of these article directories that are owned by people who don’t give a crap about their own articles and have no interest in promoting the articles that are in them.

So, instead of focusing on traffic generation technique, I wanted to focus on the quality of the articles – and I found an article directory where the articles weren’t just thrown together, but also had some real value to them, and to their readers. That’s what got me the results I wanted!

The quality articles that I found are in high demand, and are very useful to both their readers and to me. The articles I found on these article directories don’t have much in common with many articles you find anywhere else, but I love them anyway. If you’re looking for something to promote on the internet, these are probably going to be a good place to start.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about finding tons of low-quality articles that don’t have any real value, because you can find the highest quality articles on these directories and use them to promote your website. that are truly valuable.

To me, the key to making money with a traffic tactic is to find one that has the potential to increase your traffic, and get the most targeted traffic, while at the same time producing highly relevant and valuable visitors. traffic. You can do that by using proven traffic and search engine optimization techniques like article marketing.