Chinese gender calculator is a new addition to the world of sex determination. It is a system that combines traditional Chinese herbal medicine with the modern scientific methodology to determine the probable sex of a baby. Using the same scientific method, it can also calculate the time period the conception takes place. This system also offers more accurate results than those given by western medical science and the old fashioned Chinese calendar.

Chinese gender calculator is based on Chinese birth chart, using the Chinese lunar calendar to determine the probable baby gender of a woman. The chart is very simple and consists of only nine basic shapes. According to the chart, the baby born in a month is a boy and the baby born in a month after this date is a girl. Based on this, the probability of a girl being born in each month is calculated as well as the probability of a boy being born. Once the formula has been applied, the next step is to determine the period of time that the conception will take place.

Due date calculator is another Chinese gender calculator that uses the same Chinese lunar calendar to calculate the possible time period for the conception. It uses an advanced algorithm to help calculate the possible conception date and time. This allows the calculation of conception probability and timing. It is the most commonly used calculator in China and other parts of Asia. As mentioned earlier, due dates are important in determining baby sex.

Bohemian calculator is a new age conception calculator that provides useful information about conception for women who prefer to do things their way. Bohemian calculator was created by the Chinese lunar calendar and its features include different types of symbols. In addition, the calculations are made according to various scientific methods. Many thanks to the creators of Bohemian calculator for providing the necessary tools for Chinese couples who want to have a baby boy or girl.

Most Chinese gender calculators are free and they also offer tips on how to have a baby boy or a baby girl. Many of the free websites also offer online consultations, allowing you to ask any question you may have and get a response in the shortest possible time.

A Chinese gender calculator is not available in the western world, but there are some companies that offer their services online. These companies provide quality products and they guarantee accurate results. They also give you tips on how to have a baby boy or a baby girl, with no side effects.