Pakej Umrah is a Muslim pilgrimage that began at Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Today, Umrah is a continuous journey to Allah’s House and has also been adapted to suit all kinds of people, including students, pilgrims, corporate travellers, rural residents and spiritual seekers. In fact, most Pakej Umrah journeys are a combination of all the above categories. A trip to Pakej Umrah is not a simple, one-day visit, but actually involves many days of pilgrimage and prayer.

Pakej Umrah Malaysia

Various travel companies also offer Umrah packages. With the rising number of people who come from all corners of the world for Umrah, so does the number of travel companies offering packages include a complete Umrah package. And a journey to Mecca to undertake a Pakej Umrah could be one of the most significant times of your life.

If you are the type of person who likes to spend their pilgrimage on their own, it would be much easier for you if you would also choose a journey to Malaysia. A trip to Malaysia can indeed be very relaxing and relieving. Travelling alone is great fun, but travelling in a group and with other people with whom you have shared common interests can certainly add to the experience. So, how do you choose a group of people for a journey to Malaysia?

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One major difference between a journey to Indonesia and a journey to Malaysia is the price. Indonesia can cost more than half a million dollars. Malaysia, however, does not require you to travel with anyone else. And it would be just as well, too, because travelling alone to Malaysia will definitely cost you a lot less than travelling with others. There are also numerous tour operators who specialise in all forms of trips, be it a luxury trip to Malaysia or a simple backpacking journey to Indonesia.

There are a number of countries that make for a good starting point for a journey to Malaysia, but a trip to Indonesia is always an option. Indonesia, after all, is regarded as one of the holiest places in the world. Its presence in the chart of holy sites has been a matter of argument, with Hinduism and Buddhism standing up against Islam. However, today, both religions Hinduism and Buddhism, have officially recognized each other as their religion. However, the Christmas season is the best time to go to Malaysia.

Nowadays, there are more multi-lingual people in the world. A journey to Malaysia should not be missed. Malaysia’s multiculturalism makes for a trip to the country to be worthwhile. Malaysia is a melting pot of numerous cultures, and the widespread use of English adds to the excitement. Of course, being with friends who speak English is even better.

When it comes to choosing a journey to Malaysia, a journey to Indonesia could also be one of the top options. Although Malaysia does not have the crowds of Indonesia, it is an island nation with several national parks and mountains. It is also the only Southeast Asian country that has over a thousand islands. You could also explore the city of Kuala Lumpur, a cosmopolitan and quite prosperous city that offer many activities.

Malaysia offers a broad array of destinations to travelers and a journey to Indonesia, especially, offers a lot of to do in terms of physical activities. However, a journey to Malaysia is no less enjoyable and fulfilling because of its geographical and cultural diversity. So, what are you waiting for?