Take a look at this legit article about how to start an online business Six Figure Mentors is a business training system that contains the ClickFunnels tutorial, a proven course of action to generate money online. Although many affiliate marketers are joining the program, some are not so convinced that it is a legitimate and effective training system for affiliate marketing.

The Six Figure Mentors review does not focus solely on the company or system in general, but also on the people who work in the programs at the Entre Institute. In this case, it was a review by a person who had been one of the five founders of the system. She made the decision to leave when the latest version of the system was released. The way she mentions is that the system was not working correctly and not addressing her needs.

The other aspect that is worth pointing out in the Entre Institute review is about the people running the organization. The person claims that all of the members are over-confident and that they do not have a good relationship with their employees. Some of the people that work for the company are rude and do not respect their co-workers and the company itself. Other complaints that she has been about the employees who do nothing but answer questions to the point that the answer is already written in the question.

The author of the Six Figure Mentors review claims that the founder of the Entre Institute failed to address these concerns. The founder of the Entre Institute, Dan Conroy, is now a top ranking authority in the internet marketing field. He is currently working as an affiliate marketing consultant in the UK and was working with the ClickFunnels system for over ten years before it was created.

The review also says that Dan Conroy hired people that did not have any experience in website design or development and did not hire those that were only proficient in HTML. The new system was very complex and very different from what the founder had designed. The author of the Six Figure Mentors review also claims that the founder and CEO of the Entre Institute seem to be enjoying the fame that he has been receiving and has not even provided enough money to keep the payroll running. The Entre Institute CEO was supposed to provide a high quality training program for anyone interested in becoming an affiliate marketer.

The CEO of the system has admitted that it was not designed with those who wanted to earn money as an affiliate in mind. Therefore, this is another reason why the Six Figure Mentors review is wrong when it claims that ClickFunnels is the top rated business training program and has been sold millions of times.

ClickFunnels is a legitimate business training system that can help you become successful in earning money as an affiliate marketer and become a millionaire in as little as a year or less. The people of the Entre Institute have failed to prove that it is legitimate and effective.