There are three types of materials that make up Helena Corduroy Wallet Cover Croco Gloss from Nunoo. These include vinyl, leather and a satin suede material. I have tested all three.

Vinyl – The vinyl material used for the Helena Corduroy Wallet Cover Croco Gloss is basically what you would find on a skater’s board. The material is stretchy and offers some grip. The material is both smooth and slick. The surface of the material isn’t completely matte like other materials so it can rub off, but the material itself will still allow your fingerprints to show through. Because of this the Helena Corduroy Wallet Cover Croco Gloss may be perfect for traveling, but may not be practical for putting in your purse.

Leather – The Helena Corduroy Wallet Cover Croco Gloss is made from real leather. It has some sheen and gives the wallet some flexibility. The leather material tends to be more flexible and give more grip than other types of materials.

Satin Suede – The Helena Corduroy Wallet Cover Croco Gloss is made from genuine suede. This material looks and feels like suede. It is very soft and smooth. When it is dusted, the material falls apart into little pieces like a regular wallet would. However, because of its thickness and weight, I would recommend putting this item in your purse or pocket rather than a briefcase.

To use the Helena Corduroy Wallet Cover Croco Gloss, simply place the wallet in the croco wallet’s pouch and snap the Velcro seal over the top. Flip the pouch open and the wallet pops out with the money and cards. When you want to get rid of it, just toss it away. Unlike a regular wallet, the Helena Corduroy Wallet Cover Croco Gloss won’t fall apart easily.

The material doesn’t rip or break when you use it and the zipper is long enough to keep the money inside. I wouldn’t consider it to be very sturdy. However, it is made from high quality and sturdy materials and should stand up to whatever you throw at it. It does what it says it will do.

Using the iPhone 11 Pro Cover Croco Gloss while on the go is pretty great. I don’t have to worry about my iPhone falling out of my pocket or leaving my purse in an awkward place when I’m on the go. If you buy the iPad Cover Croco Gloss, you won’t have to worry about it falling out of your bag or dropping from your hand. You just put it on the iPad and take it with you.

The hair-on leo wallet is made from real leather and is definitely a keeper. It provides my iPhone 11 Pro and other accessories a level of protection that I never thought possible.