Is it possible to gain years of experience? Are we only supposed to gain a few months of experience and quickly forget what we learned during the experience? Or is it more than enough to understand the basic principles of your business, get comfortable with the fundamentals of your business, and then work on mastering the specifics of each of those elements?

This is a key question for long term sustainable business success. And by long term sustainable, I mean that the intangible benefits of being in business for many years is worth more than the tangible value of the completed tasks done over those years.

years of experience

That’s because most people in businesses don’t get to understand all the fundamental principles of how the system works unless working with CRM consultant Thailand. They learn the basics of how their organization works, and then build a trusting relationship with a process that they’ve already been operating within.

We see this especially with employees who are working in management positions. They don’t understand all the fundamentals of the structure of their organization or how their clients actually perceive the bottom line.

A perfect scenario for them would be to find themselves in an environment where they have no choice but to run the business without fully understanding the fundamentals of their position in the organization. This isn’t how things work, though. If they become comfortable working with clients and organizational leaders, they will want to continue to operate within the structure and without fully understanding the inner workings of the company.

Even leaders who understand the basic principles of the company structure have a critical part of their job that is non-critical to the performance of the business. They have to put up with employees who try to be salesmen or women of the organization. They have to make sure the language is not misconstrued.

And they have to make sure the fundamental principles of the company are properly represented to the people within the organization. Even if you are at the top of the food chain, those people will see things differently than the executives in charge of managing your sales efforts. You don’t want to alienate those people, so make sure they feel that they have a voice and a stake in the way the company operates.

That’s the advantage of years of experience. You know the basic principles of the business and can build relationships with individuals who might not otherwise be comfortable with the business structure.