In an industry that seems to have an endless supply of people willing to endorse their product, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s KBB 2.0 Review is a commendable effort to create a critique of the KBB 2.0 book. They cover almost every aspect of the book with some insightful thoughts that are worth reading and thinking about.

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The authors are Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi who call themselves authors, not authors, because they offer product testimonials. They are not referring to products or to the sellers. They are simply saying that they have seen the things that I have observed and I have taken notes and opinions.

I do not know much about business but in reading these two books, I learned a lot. This is because the authors seemed to be very clear about what they saw when they observed themselves. They also say that you don’t have to be an expert on any area of business to have great success. Their problem was they saw so many people that tried to do it without knowing the ropes and end up failing.

They write: “It isn’t that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi don’t have strong opinions about how to do business or why things work or fail for them. It’s just that their observation of some facts, in this case what they saw firsthand, prompted them to share those observations in their KBB 2.0 Review.”

I was surprised to see that Tony Robbins’ book included some reference materials such as “Notes on the MBA Textbook I’m Using Now” (note on the cover page, page number) and “Tough Questions for Time Management” (pages 113, 114). It must be said that the authors realize that many of their observations are consistent with what I have been observing for some time. They acknowledge that the principles involved in giving people more money are similar to what they have been seeing for quite some time.

Tony Robbins states in his review that he does not think MBAs are smart enough to be making money with pyramid schemes, and he would like to tell him they are not. He makes it very clear in his KBB 2.0 Review that what they saw in the companies they investigated were ones that had failed and thus the failures should not have been given money and others should have been allowed to make money.

The two authors make their case about these failed companies in a way that most readers will understand. They are suggesting that a failure does not mean that a company did not produce. In fact, they are saying that these companies had “failed” because they did not follow their original vision, not because of anything else.

The author Tony Robbins points out that what happens when a business fails is they do not exist. They will do nothing to grow, their products will never sell, and the business will continue to be dormant.

The way the author Tony Robbins said he found the companies that failed made me wonder if I can say the same thing about the people who buy the products. After all, these people make claims to their ability to succeed in business.

The KBB 2.0 Review makes it clear that the author Dean Graziosi is an actual person that went through all of the elements of making a business successful. This is why his two-page report on those two companies makes the review so good. He actually talks about his own experiences and observations of business, and it appears that he will be around in the future to advise others who want to make money.

While the KBB 2.0 Review is a good read, it does not provide specific recommendations for making money with your own business. But it does make it clear that there are several ways that you can make money in your own business and that those methods are worth investigating.