As the flooding in New Orleans continues, foundation repair service has become essential. If you’ve never used one before, it is the process of building up a structure on your property by moving down soil and filling it with compacted soil, thereby forming a solid foundation to protect your home or business from damage. Piling service in New Orleans can help you understand the process of piling and how it works.

Many homes built in Louisiana were not protected by a solid foundation. This is because there were no state laws governing this type of construction, making it a relatively new process. As time passed, it became much more common and the foundation repair industry quickly developed. Today, there are many companies that specialize in piling, many of which have offices located throughout the New Orleans area.

Foundation Repair New Orleans

When a contractor calls, a representative will come out to your property and inspect the structure. They will also do their best to determine the exact areas of your building that need remediation. Once this is done, the next step is to schedule the concrete pour. During this time, you can determine the frequency of repairs and adjust accordingly.

foundation repair service

Pile driving in New Orleans is generally done at night. While your contractor is underground and workers are working on the pile, the ground will continue to rise. This keeps the workers well away from the pile and the work progresses much more quickly. Some companies will even have extra supplies of cement to move, should it be necessary, to minimize damage to the foundation.

The piles work much like larger dump trucks. They are excavated from the earth at a fixed depth, and then they are compressed under tremendous pressure until they reach the desired level. Some fill material will be added to give it the right consistency, and once the job is complete, the concrete is pumped up and out of the ground.

The pile will remain underground for several months, so it is important to keep it free of moisture and to add water resistant products to the structure. If there is any pitting, dirt, or rust around the foundation, the company will remove these items and replace them with good quality replacements. If this work isn’t done on your property, foundation damage can take weeks to repair.

Piles are considered safe for buildings, but again, accidents can happen. That’s why it’s important to hire a competent piling company. The length of time it takes for the walls to come back down will depend on the area and the size of the building. Once the walls of the house are back up, the piles will be left to do the rest of the job, giving your property a new look.