10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services for small businesses

The cloud has become viable and inexpensive backup and storage opinion for small businesses. Below are some of the providers offering such services:



One of the popular services of cloud storage is dropbox which gives free two GB accounts and is easy to use. Uploaded files to dropbox are not encrypted but following hacking recently, the company added authentication. Dropbox can either be Pro or Teams version. Small businesses use Pro which comes as a package for individuals though requiring large storage and Teams version adds administrative, management and dedicated support.


Microsoft SkyDrive.

This allows users to upload files running on Window’s local drive or web browser. Client apps from SkyDrive have been released also for Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Mac OS and Windows Phone. Using the free Web Office Apps, SkyDrive users can also edit office documents. Free storage offered is 7GB while still able to purchase per year at $50 for 100GB.


Live Drive.

It is among services that offer online backup offering sync and collaboration capabilities. One can access files already uploaded through many services such as traditional transfer protocols and a personal Web portal. Livedrive is readily offered to businesses, resellers and individuals and it is different as it provides at $6 monthly unlimited backup for one computer. For businesses, the price is $49.95 monthly for accounts of three with a storage of 2TB.


Spider Oak.

It provides online backup focusing on security and privacy. Filenames, file contents and folder names never can they be deciphered by SpiderOak. It supports desktop surroundings such as Mac, Windows and Linux and mobile platforms such as IOS and Android. 1TB for businesses goes for $10 monthly.


Sugar Sync.

SugarSync was created for both backup and easiness of access purpose offering continuous sync of data files from multiple platforms. Copies of the data files are synchronized across many desktops with a copy in their servers. It also protects against mistakes by saving the latest file versions when one edits documents. 1TB storage for business goes for $55 monthly for 3 users and comes with administration dashboard to manage multiple users as well as support toll-free phone.



Mozy was acquired in 2011 by VMware and gives its users options of manual updates or scheduling regular or backing up continuously. Mozy favors business as it offers encryption key that’s personal before uploading. For small businesses, with slow internet connection, they can physically copy through hard disk drives the initial backup. 2GB is free, $5 for 50GB storage.



Box is a content management and file-sharing provider for enterprises. It allows work documents be accessible and viewable from mobile platforms. It offers business features such as tracking file activities, with history version tracking changes and exchanging documents online. The Box Business offers 1TB storage for $15 per month per user.


Crash Plan.

Started as a software company that offers offsite, cloud backup and onsite solutions. CrashPlan offers features such as creation of backup sets. It also offers wide small business plans with three tiers. Mid-tier for small businesses come with management and administrative capabilities while Pro targets larger businesses.


Google Drive

Google Drive offers an edge with its collaborative editing and file sharing integrated with google documents. It is advantageous as it is close to google+ and Gmail and an advanced search as it outputs images to full-text searches. Google drive offers free 5GB which can be upgraded at $2.50 monthly to 25GB.


Amazon Glacier

Amazon is designed to offer low-cost durable storage services to meet backup needs. Sharing cost is 1GB monthly at $0.01. This excludes cost incurred in retrieving and uploading data.


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