The long awaited expansion League Of Legends is finally here (and LoL Coaching). As the name suggests, it will be the very first official World of Warcraft combat sport. It is expected that this new game will be great both in terms of its graphics and game mechanics. So from all the gamers out there, what are you waiting for?

There are actually many ways to help you get prepared for the League of Legends battle. The most important aspect of this expansion is the spectator mode, which allows the player to view his own battle and also the actions of other players. This feature will let you see what your opponent’s doing in first round before the actual battle begins. For a newbie, this feature is great as it will give them practice on different maps and their own strategies. As mentioned earlier, the spectator mode won’t be available during the first round so if you want to play against the top champions, you have to wait for the second round.

The upcoming battle between SK Gaming and Team Acer could be exciting. The top team of the tournament is known as the kings of the jungle, so they are naturally going to clash with the masters of the other two races in the next round. Based on the pictures released so far, it looks like Acer’s draenei warlock appears to be the strongest race in the game so it might be a good opportunity for SK Gaming to show their strength once again.

If you’re a newbie in the battle grounds, don’t expect to win easily. You will need to hone your skills by watching other teams play the other races. Try to learn some strategies and counter those of the opposing team so you’ll be on your way to becoming one of the best League of Legends coaches. One of the best things about watching other teams is you can see their builds, styles, and strategies. This will help you determine what your own team should do so you can prepare your own players for the next battle. For instance, if Team Acer is using Hunters instead of Mages, you can tell that they’ll rush to the towers in the early part of the game so you can prevent them from doing so.

After you’ve observed the slightest hints of strategies from other teams, it’s time for you to direct your sights on League of Legends’ League champions, namely SK Gaming. Their ace player, laner, and support, Barry, has a lot to prove in this battle. In the previous set of games, he seemed to be having a rough time against the other two lanes but in this set, Barry seems to have an upper hand against Edward. So how will you determine who is the best jungler? Well, let me tell you what you need to watch out for:

If you know that Edward is a squire then you should start focusing on him especially if you want to secure kills on the enemy carry or if you want to tower dive. If you watch out for an aerial ace, it’s Barry who is the player to look out for. As soon as the creeps come out of the fog, Barry will immediately go for an aerial combo on Edward or any other member of the enemy team. A good combination of attack and defense from Barry at close range will surely make your job easier in securing kills and objectives.

In the first round of the match, your primary objective is to secure the first tower. If you have the chance to do so, place one of your best allies, either Fiddlesticks or Ranging Alarmist on the Radiant’s side. Place your wards around the map and use your aerial ace to destroy the enemy’s creeps and their sentry. After the first round, it will then be time for the second round wherein you need to focus on destroying the sentry while preventing your own creeps from going down. The creeps have a tendency to go down faster if they are hit by a hunter with focus punch or with quilava shot.

During the second round, you must destroy the sentry that charges up its walls to attack you. Your best option would be to engage it with your aerial ace and a ranged quilava to deal out the most damage. If you have a good amount of creeps and a good number of wards placed around the map, you won’t have much difficulty in defending against the sentry. Use your focus Punch to kill the creeps quickly and then quickly place your wards to stop the creeps from moving. If you have an eye on the clock, you can also put a wards that slows the sentry’s movement down to allow you to get an extra few seconds of attack on it before it gets to you. For the final confrontation, you should engage Edward in a one on one battle where you can easily take him down with your focus pounce and your frost walk.