In this fascinating and well-illustrated book, Norman Ebenstein reveals the secrets of how he made a fortune as a real estate developer. With the help of an expert who knows where to look when searching for the best deals in commercial property, Ebenstein can show you how to locate and evaluate these deals. This is important because you have to understand the market before you enter it. You have to know which type of commercial properties are profitable to invest in before you can make a decision on which type of property development you should embark on.

Norman Ebensteins Destiny As A Property Developer

Throughout the years, Norman has had the chance to develop some real estate projects of his own. Most of these endeavors have been successful and have given him the experience and knowledge to build on this success. But in order for you to experience this level of success in property development, you must first be able to identify properties that have the potential to generate lucrative returns. This is where Norman Ebenstein comes in. He provides you with the detailed business strategies that you need in order to successfully develop property development.

Norman Ebenstein’s Destiny As a Property Developer is a must have book for anyone looking to enter the world of property development. It is a comprehensive business plan packed with secrets of how to succeed in property development. Every aspect of the property development business from construction to ownership and financing is covered in this one volume. This comprehensive, quick read contains valuable information on everything you need to know about property development from building to occupancy. With easy to understand language, this is a great addition to any business library.

Norman Ebenstein’s Destiny As a Property Developer is full of valuable tips on every aspect of real estate development. Even if you don’t plan on building from the ground up when developing your property, this book will give you the knowledge and information needed to create a sound business plan. Included in this great book are design concepts and building calculators to help you determine costs. It includes a complete set of business documents such as the deed, the lease, operating agreements, and more. All of this information is essential to having a successful real estate venture.

Norman Ebenstein’s Destiny As a Property Developer covers the spectrum of real estate including residential, commercial, rental, and investment properties. There is a section devoted to each of these categories including income producing properties, retirement income properties, family homes, and more. This book is a great companion to the popular Real Estate Mastery series by Norman Becker. The purpose of this book and the series is to provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed in real estate.

A big part of the book is the history of property development in New York and its impact on the American economy. This history has been grossly mis-represented by many so-called property developers. The reality is that real estate developers made a lot of money through borrowing and capitalizing on the real estate bubble while ordinary people were losing their homes to foreclosure and rampant bankruptcy. As a result, most property developers received little credit for their work.

Norman Ebenstein’s Destiny As a Property Developer is an excellent reference for anyone who is interested in learning about property development in New York. It contains over 300 pages of great content which takes you through every aspect of the property development business from purchasing a piece of property to closing a deal and beyond. This is not a book for the beginner to real estate, but rather a great read for anyone who has experience in property development. Most people who purchase property either do so with financing or without, and the book will help you choose the right way to finance your investment and better understand what is happening in the industry. In addition to the detailed explanations of each topic, there are numerous examples throughout the text to give even the most jaded readers a good example of how things should go.

Norman Ebenstein’s Destiny As a Property Developer is an excellent primer for anyone who is interested in learning about real estate development in New York. If you are planning on developing land in New York or if you already own pieces of property that you would like to turn into rental properties, this is one book that you should not miss. It is full of useful information regarding property law and development throughout New York. The book is chock full of case studies and real estate development in New York as well as a wealth of information regarding other aspects of property development.