Camelot Holiday Park in Cumbria is an ancient woodland park in Cumbria ideal for a family day out. Camelot is situated close to the M7, the A4 (2 miles to the South) and the A5 (3 miles to the North).

Camelot Holiday Park

The park is open year round from April to September and has a variety of facilities including walking tracks, golf course and cycle path, tennis courts, archery centre, picnic area, boat hire, camp sites, campsite, restaurant and bar and cafe. The park offers facilities for every visitor, whether you are looking for nature walking, horse riding, swimming or even enjoying a game of golf. Camelot Holiday Park can offer accommodation for guests.

During the summer months Camelot offers several entertainment activities including water parks and shows. The park has an amphitheatre where a number of live shows and musical performances are held, and several attractions such as rock climbing, zip lining and kayaking. There are also several places to walk around the park and take in the sights and sounds of the surroundings.

Camelot Holiday Park provides a wide range of accommodation, providing everything from self catering apartments to villas and cottages. It is a popular destination with families staying here because of its varied range of facilities. Many families stay here on long weekends or during school breaks so it can be a great place for children to spend their days.

You will find both luxurious and budget holiday cottages in the Camelots caravan site. With luxury accommodation, you will be able to fully enjoy the surrounding countryside. With budget accommodation you can still have a holiday to remember but be prepared to eat in local restaurants which provide a taste of the local cuisine.

If you are looking to save money, you can try to stay at one of the camp sites located close to the Camelots caravan site. Most of the camp sites are just a few miles away so you can easily travel back and forth between the camp sites without ever leaving your car.

The camping facilities at the Camelotes caravan site are basic with tents and camping equipment. However if you need more, you can arrange a site which includes a tent, a grill, camp chairs, lanterns, cooking facilities and a wood stove for cooking food. You can also choose from a variety of self catering apartments which feature a kitchen, shower cubicle and modern toilet facilities. You can choose from an option to include an extra bedroom if you wish.

Camelot Holiday Park has been designed for leisure travelers and families who are looking to explore and relax. Camelot is the ideal place for a family day out.

Although the Camelot holiday park is small, it provides plenty of space to walk around, especially when you have young children with you. The park is also close enough to other areas to make it easy to explore other attractions nearby such as the River Forth.

You may choose to take your car to the Camelot Holiday Park on the way home. If you do this be sure to make a note of the nearest petrol stations before you leave to ensure you do not run out of petrol. You can also use the car park’s petrol station facilities for shopping if you prefer to shop on your trip back to your home.

There are various activities available at the Camelot holiday park, including horse riding, rock climbing, hiking and kayaking. These are popular hobbies for children and they may decide to participate. You can also enjoy a range of walking games, including banana boating, mountain biking and walking in the local area.

The Camelot holiday park is very popular with families because it offers plenty of facilities, with many having separate areas for children. There are also several activities for adults and there are several places to eat so you can spend your day enjoying the local foods.