What is Dupuytren’s Contracture? This is a condition that affects the cornea of the eye, resulting in a discoloured patch that appears on one side of the eye. Although it is not serious, there are treatments available for this condition to correct the appearance. It is more common among people over the age of 30 and affects more than 5% of people in the UK.

This condition occurs when there is stress to the eye which causes a small tear to burst in the middle layer of the eye. There is also an abnormal scar left behind by the tear. As a result of the trauma to the cornea, the eye becomes fragile, and it can become infected easily.

How does what is dupuytren’s contracture occur? It is possible that there is a tear or damage to the cornea that causes a tear to form on one side of the eye. When this happens, the tears stop draining back into the eye, leading to an uneven tear line. The eye will also appear dry due to the lack of fluid draining from the eye.

Another possible cause of what is dupuytren contracture is inflammation to the eye. The eyes are always sensitive and inflamed. If you are under a lot of stress, then it is likely that your eyes will be prone to eye infection. The eye infection may lead to what is dupuytren contracture.

If you think you may have what is dupuytren contracture, you should make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible. There are many treatment options available depending on the condition of the eye. Your eye doctor will carry out an examination to identify the problem and discuss the best course of treatment. You may be asked to wear an eye patch, which is a plastic band that holds the patch in place to keep it off your eye.

You can also go to your optometrist’s office and have the patch fitted. or if you prefer to see a specialist optometrist, then the discolouration of the eye may be easier to treat and is usually treated through surgery.

If the discoloration is not severe, then optometrists will recommend wearing vision correction lenses, especially if they have done a thorough examination of the eye. These vision correction lenses will help correct the light that is coming through the eye and can help with the overall appearance of the eyes. However, sometimes vision correction lenses are too large or heavy, and the wearer will have difficulty wearing them or even tearing the lenses off. This can also contribute to what is dupuytren contracture.

Another option, you can choose to use to reduce the appearance of what is dupuytren contracture is to wear anti-inflammatory eye cream. Eye cream helps to relieve the pain in the eye, but it is not a cure.

If what is dupuytren contracture is left untreated, then eye cream can help to reduce the discomfort, but will not prevent the condition from occurring in the future. As the condition worsens, the eye cream is designed to reduce the inflammation further and the eye will look clearer and brighter, but the condition will still continue to worsen if left untreated.