Dan Lok is a business guru, who has been at the forefront of business and sales training. He’s an expert in what you don’t want to know about selling, how to put together a winning sales team, and marketing trends and how to apply them in your business. In his latest book titled “How to Sell Business”, Dan introduces you to six figure selling success and lays out six top secrets that will get you there.

The Business Guru – Dana Dan spent years in the retail and hospitality industry selling his thoughts on why selling was difficult, what your business can offer, and what it takes to succeed in today’s business world. With “How to Sell Business” he explains why you don’t need to be a business guru to sell your business or become successful. He shows you how easy and fun it is to begin and maintain a thriving business and helps you develop your skills so you can be at your best in all aspects of your business. Dan teaches how to motivate your staff, how to create revenue streams that will make your business flourish, and the key to building an atmosphere of success.

The Top Six Tricks – Dan teaches how to use your business plan to dramatically increase your profitability and helps you out how to get started with a working business plan. Through the course you will learn how to write a great business plan that focuses on what you can offer, how to price your product to make it competitive, and how to increase your profit by developing a dynamic sales force. Once you understand these techniques you can begin to market your business like a pro and increase profits every week.

A Course To Remember – Not only does this course teach you how to sell, but also how to enjoy the process of selling. He offers the guidance and understanding you need to create a business that is a huge hit and a venue for repeat customers. Once you understand his suggestions and implement them, you’ll learn how to create a solid business and sales team and start enjoying your work.

Everyone Can Get Rich – Dana Dan begins by describing how you have the power to take your business to new heights. He then teaches you the concepts that will enable you to build a profitable business and makes you feel confident enough to begin developing a winning team of professional staff. He leads you through the process of how to attract potential customers, create a successful working plan, and how to introduce your product to the world.

Business Lessons That You Can Use Today – From the inside out, Dana Dan teaches you how to sell your business and build a profitable team from the inside out. He shows you the secrets to making money even if you don’t make a lot of money every month. He teaches you the easiest and most fun way to start a business and learn to become a successful manager and leader.

Business Lessons That Can Help You Today – If you’re struggling with a business that isn’t generating as much income as you’d like, Dana Dan’s “How to Sell Business” course will give you a chance to take control and put your business on the path you’d like to see it go. With six powerful tips that will help you succeed, you can change your business and sales team, create a successful working plan, and get your business on the path to prosperity. You’ll learn the top six secrets to profitable business and sales and leave every person that does business with you more satisfied than before.

In “How to Sell Business” you will learn that without a strong plan, the likelihood of your business success is slim. Learn how to control the way your business works and gives you the confidence you need to make it happen and get ahead of the pack.