When I moved to Texas many years ago, there was no other option than hiring a local junk removal service in Dallas. Big Tex had shut down and I had no idea how much was junk removal near me or if I could afford it. Thankfully, the Internet came to my rescue and today I am sharing some information with you on how much is junk removal near me.

hire a local junk removal service
How much is junk removal?

I got on the phone with a trash removal company in Dallas to ask how much is junk removal near me. The lady on the phone told me that there is a large variety of garbage service trucks and equipment that come into the Dallas area at least once a week. Because we live in a rural area, this meant that Big Tex was no longer around, so we would have to move. We needed to find a way to pay for the junk removal service in Dallas.

The lady on the phone also told me that I could get a free estimate from their junk removal service. I asked her if they charged anything and she said that it depends on the size of the container. That was when I realized that it would be a waste of money for us to pay for Big Tex junk removal service in Dallas because the junk would still be out in the open and the area would continue to suffer. It is a shame to see the public dumping their junk on the streets of Dallas, but at least this makes us a little bit safer.

The lady told me that the first estimate that she gave me would cost about $450 for the service of two trucks and four engines. She also mentioned that there were certain trucks that needed to be hired for a few additional hours at a cost of approximately one hundred dollars an hour. The time they are out making sure the garbage is completely removed is what makes the price much higher. Because of this she told me that she actually lost money on the bill, and I would be better off by moving myself because it would be cheaper to move into a more remote area.

Another interesting thing I learned from the lady on the phone was that there are only a few junk removal companies that do not charge extra for the use of their services, and it is usually those that do not have an attractive website or nice signs posted outside. These companies are the ones that offer the services for free. They simply don’t have the marketing budget for it and the area they operate in is sparsely populated. So, we would need to contact more than one trash removal service in Dallas if we wanted to find one that did not charge extra for its services.

After my conversation with the local junk removal service in Dallas, I started searching online for more information. I found a company in Victoria, Texas that offered a combination of all the services I was interested in. This is the service that helped me save the most money on the bill. It took a little time to find them but I found them in Canada and they are called BigTexJunk!

Although there was nothing to indicate that BigTexJunk had closed, I decided to take advantage of their free quote for the service of BigTexJunk and then pick up the phone to call the junk removal company in Dallas and ask them if they would be interested in the services that BigTexJunk offered. They immediately offered to allow me to use their service and give me a free quote. I don’t think it’s fair to ask for a free quote if you are not going to give me the service for free, but it was worth every penny to have the best services and look for the best price.