Top Computer Forensics Books

These are the top computer forensics books


Sometimes known as computer forensic science. Computer forensics is the practice of collecting, analyzing and reporting on digital data in a way that is legal. It can be used in the detection and prevention of crime and in any dispute where evidence is stored digitally. It is most often associated with the investigation of a wide variety of computer crime. It has been used in a number of high-profile cases and is becoming widely accepted as reliable within U.S. and European court systems. There are top computer forensic books available and here are just a few:


* Incident Response & Computer Forensics, Third Edition- This book arms you with the information you need to get your organization out of trouble when data breaches occur.

* Mobile Forensics: Advanced Investigative Strategies- learn strategies and methods to deal with information stored on smartphones and tablets and see how to put the right tools to work. Investigating digital media is impossible without forensic tools. Dealing with complex forensic problems requires the use of dedicated tools.

* Forensic DNA Evidence Interpretation, Second Edition- The book begins by reviewing all pertinent biology, and then provides information on every aspect of DNA analysis.

* A Guide to Forensic Testimony- knowledge and experience of the legal system and what it takes to make your computer forensic evidence stand up in court and what you need to do to sell yourself as an expert witness and stand up to cross-examination.

* Effective Incident Response Team- This book will help answer the necessary questions to create the team and define the scope and focus of a CIRT.

* Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics: Computer Forensics Secrets & Solutions (Paperback)- Provides the right mix of practical how-to knowledge in a straightforward, informative fashion that ties it all the complex pieces together with real-world case studies.

* Building a Digital Forensic Laboratory- This includes a great need for information on how to cost-effectively establish and manage a computer forensics laboratory.

* Cyber Crime and Society- Provides a clear, systematic, and critical introduction to current debates about cyber crime. It locates the phenomenon in the wider contexts of social, political, cultural, and economic change.


These top computer forensic books may be purchased at traditional books stores or online book retailers like Amazon. If you choose to purchase one online, then you will get it at a great price along with fast shipping to your home or office. They provide interesting reads, they are informative helpful and educational. These books can be really helpful if you are taking a formal training program or degree program. These books can help you write comprehensive reports that withstand defense objections and enable successful prosecution. You may choose one of these books to help you successfully investigate financial fraud performed with digital devices. All of these books are affordable and come available with a nice guarantee. You can get them in digital downloads, paperback or hard backs. choose the one that will best benefit your studies in computer forensics.


Developing and Maintaining the Passion for Java Computer Programming

If you have the passion to learn Java this is the right article to help you cope up with computer programming. This is where you can get an overview of the Java basics. There is even the provision for your advantage and the article is presented in the self guided version. Here you can come across code examples and it would be easy for you to follow things as you move on with the article. As part of the article you come to learn about the Java system and you can take account of the description and even the distinction among all the three editions.

Computer Programming

Learning the Java Language

In the article you come to learn about Java SE, Java EE, and Java ME. Here is the scope to know about the part of the Virtual Java mechanism. This is required for the successful implementation of the Java applications. You can even deal with the general purpose and there is the objective oriented language. This seems like the C and C++. This is an easy to be used language and with this you can create additional programs. One can even make use of the network savvy dialect the intended person can even utilise the TCP/IP network set of rules and these are forms of HTTP and FTP.

Combining Java Library and Java Protocols

The protocols can be extensively combined with the networking library of Java. These can even take into account the URLs in the easiest way and treat the same as part of the normal life. Java is once again a robust language base. The Java programs are made to work and they are being rightly used in both cases of the client satisfaction and even for the reason of the mission critical programs. Due to the apt functioning of the language one can make use of the effective Java statements.

Analysing the Java Languages

Once again Java is the most convenient language to be used. Structure wise you would prefer the mobility of the language. Java comes with the platform independent bytecode guidelines. However, there should not be difference in the integer type. For instance it is always right to finalise the 32-bit integer type. The Java collection even has the best contribution to make in matters of portability. You would love the working of the Java multi-threaded language. This helps in increasing the efficacy of the program. However, this is successfully used in order to make achievements in several projects.


Live a comfortable life with the new investments of electronics

One of the most popular products that are used by everyone in the day to day life is electronic items. The consumer electronics offer a very big deal of features to the customers. They provide a comfortable and convenience lifestyle to everyone. The most popular electronic things are TV, DVD, digital camera, computers and other household electronics. Even there are new investments are being created and the demand for the latest product is increased. The consumer electronics changed our lifestyle and we cannot imagine the world without electronics. There are many popular brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, and other brands that are investing more products to their customers. The old is upgraded once in every six months and new products are also invested. These electronics reduce the time and work of the people and it also helps to complete any work faster.

computer repair

Buy your electronics through online

Consumer electronics play an important role in everyone’s day to day life and there are lots of new investments are arriving frequently. These new investments can be purchased through online and it saves your time when you purchase it through online. There is no need to go to many shops and to find a quality product. It is very simple to buy the products through online without wasting your time and money. Sometimes websites will offer you a big deal on the electronic items and that helps you to have a discount on some of the electronic items. They also provide an easy return policy to you when you are not satisfied with the product received. The quality of the product can be judged easily by the reviews provided by the other customers who use the product. This helps you to find whether the product you are planning to buy is a quality one or not.

Uses of consumer electronics

Consumer electronics are used in each and every place like office, house, shops, hotels, hospitals and in all the other places. It reduces the time and helps to complete any work faster. The new investments are frequently updated and there isa lot of competitions in the electronic development. People love to have new updated product so every company is working hard to provide a quality and expected product to their customers. The price of an electronic item differs due to variation in the configuration and brand


How does Encryption Work?

Everyday computing devices utilize some for of encryption technology. Even your smart phone, tablet, and Kindle use encryption of some sort. For this reason, you’re justified to learn how encryption works and why you really need it.


How does Encryption Work?

Encryption is a form of cryptography that gives you the chance to conceal your personal information so that no one can access it. Encryption is nothing but a complex algorithm which is programmed to convert plain text into random characters (cipher text). These random characters cannot be read by anyone unless the reader has a special key which converts them into readable characters. If you have the key, you can decrypt the random characters so that they are presented in form of plain text as opposed to random characters which can’t be understood.


There are two types of encryption techniques

These are called Public Key and Private Key encryption techniques. These techniques are similar in the sense that they allow users to hide data from others. However, they are still different from each other in how they handle the steps involved in encrypting and decrypting data.


Let’s see what happens in Public Encryption method

This encryption makes use of recipient’s public key and a matching key as well. For instance, if both Joe and Dick had a public key and a matching private key for a common box respectively, Joe would have the privilege of accessing the box and putting content therein. However, it would be impossible for him to view or retrieve anything from that box. On the other hand, Dick would open and view or remove content of the box using his matching private key. But since she doesn’t have a matching public key, it is impossible for him to add things into the box.

In the digital context, Joe can encrypt items in the box and send them to Dick who in turn can decrypt the information and convert it into plain text. Only Dick has a matching private key for this purpose.


Private Key encryption

In the case of a private key, we can encrypt the ciphertext and send it the way it is. On the other end, the user with the private key can decrypt this information into plain text again.

The difference between public and private keys is in the purpose of the keys. In this setup, we still have the 2 keys needed to communicate. And these 2 keys are essentially the same. For instance, if Joe and Dick had the box mentioned above, their keys in this case would address the same purpose. The 2 parties would be able to add or remove things from that particular box. In terms of digital language, Joe now has the power to both encrypt and decrypt items from that particular box. The same can be said about Dick as well.

In conclusion, encryption never guarantees that information will be 100% secured. But it does everything possible to prevent hacks in our everyday digital lives. Now you don’t have to worry about your personal information getting stolen on the internet. That’s because data encryption is doing the hard security work for you, even though you’re oblivious of this fact.